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Antibody Identity card

CD274 mouse specific (Programmed death ligand 1, PDL-1) Protein

Protein information

Plays a critical role in induction and maintenance of immune tolerance to self. As a ligand for the inhibitory receptor PDCD1/PD-1, modulates the activation threshold of T-cells and limits T-cell effector response. The PDCD1-mediated inhibitory pathway is exploited by tumors to attenuate anti-tumor immunity and escape destruction by the immune system, thereby facilitating tumor survival. The interaction with PDCD1/PD-1 inhibits cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs) effector function.

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Validation / characterisation

  • Working
  • No conclusive
  • Not working
  • Not tested
Applications legend
  • WB: Western blotting
  • ICC: Immunocytochemistry
  • IHC-P: Immunohistochemistry - Paraffin
  • IF-F: Immunoflourescence - Frozen
  • IF-P: Immunoflourescence - Paraffin
  • FLOW: Flow cytometry
  • IHC-P Species: Immunohistochemistry - Paraffin Species