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Antibody Identity card

TOX (Thymocyte Selection Associated High Mobility Group Box) Protein

Protein information

Thymocyte selection-associated high-mobility group box (TOX) is a member of a small subfamily of proteins (TOX2, TOX3 and TOX4) that share almost identical High Mobility Group (HMG)-box sequences and are highly conserved between mice and humans. HMG proteins contain DNA-binding domains that allow them to produce specific changes in target DNA structure and modulate the formation of multi-protein complexes. TOX plays a key role in T cell development in the thymus during positive selection. A study in Tox-deficient mice also revealed a requirement for Tox in CD4 T cell and NK cell lineage development, including NKT cells, FoxP3+ T regulatory T cells, and lymphoid tissue-inducer cells.

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Validation / characterisation

  • Working
  • No conclusive
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Applications legend
  • WB: Western blotting
  • ICC: Immunocytochemistry
  • IHC-P: Immunohistochemistry - Paraffin
  • IF-F: Immunoflourescence - Frozen
  • IF-P: Immunoflourescence - Paraffin
  • FLOW: Flow cytometry
  • IHC-P Species: Immunohistochemistry - Paraffin Species