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What is EuroMAbNet?

The European Monoclonal Antibodies Network (EuroMAbNet) recognised the need for education in the use and production of antibodies. EuroMAbNet is the first European network of laboratories linked to academic institutions, each with its own internationally recognized reputation in the production and use of validated monoclonal antibodies. Spanning eleven European countries, EuroMAbNet members possess a wealth of specialised knowledge in all branches of antibody production, validation and use:

EuroMAbNet is thus an ideal base to build a framework for networking and sharing knowledge within European and global communities to identify and produce validated 'fit for purpose' antibodies and their use as biomedical research tools and therapies.

The need for EuroMAbNet?

Monoclonal antibody technology represents one of the most important methodological advances in biomedicine. Monoclonal antibodies, with their specificity and high binding affinity, have become indispensible research tools for labeling and functionally characterizing proteins. Antibody-based techniques, such as immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry and ELISA, are also important diagnostic procedures within routine clinical laboratories. Furthermore, immunotherapeutic antibodies are one of the most rapidly expanding classes of new drugs for the treatment of human disease.

There has been an exponential increase in the number of monoclonal antibodies that are available both commercially and within the research community. This wealth of reagents has exciting potential. However in contrast other research tools, many antibodies fail even the most fundamental tests of specificity and activity and thus are unsuitable for use. The use of such poorly characterized reagents is becoming recognized as a major driver of the reproducibility crisis in research. Not only does this result in the perpetuation of serious scientific errors but also wastes researchers’ time and funding.

It is essential that researchers themselves need to understand the experimental nature of poorly validated reagents and how ensure that the antibodies that they use are 'fit for purpose'. EuroMAbNet recognised this need for education in the use and production of antibodies.

What is EuroMAbNet’s aims?

EuroMAbNet’s primary goal is to provide an arena for people working in the field of monoclonal antibody production and technology to exchange knowledge, updated methodologies and to create common strategies to improve and standardise the production of properly validated antibodies. Such a platform will provide the scientific and medical communities with antibodies that are ‘fit for use’ and can be used with confidence in terms of both their specificity and technical performance. Furthermore, EuroMAbNet guidelines will be invaluable to researchers by providing them with tools to identify and validate antibodies (including polyclonals) from other sources.

How does EuroMAbNet achieve this?

EuroMabnet provides:

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