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4th Antibody Validation Workshop. Satellite Workshop. CTLS2018@VIB. Core Technologies For Life Scien

4th Antibody Validation Workshop, 1st of July 2018

The 4th EuroMAbNet Antibody Validation Workshop will bring together highly specialized scientists in antibody technology experts with PhD students and young scientists who use antibodies in their research. At the Workshop a set of criteria and recommendations will be offered that will help researchers to select the most effective antibodies from those available in the market, as well as the strategic guidance needed to perform any essential antibody validation, which includes verifying antibody specificity, selectivity, sensitivity and reproducibility.

The 4th EuroMAbNet Antibody Validation Workshop will be held as a satellite event within the Core Technologies for Life Sciences (CTLS) meeting 2018. This four-day meeting is focus on all facets of core facility operations, management and specific technologies that are of interest to core facility staff.

CD8a (clone OTO94A) staining in mouse spleen (IHC)


CD8a is an integral membrane glycoprotein that plays an essential role in the immune response and serves multiple functions in responses against both external and internal offenses. In T-cells, functions primarily as a coreceptor for MHC class I molecule:peptide complex. The antigens presented by class I peptides are derived from cytosolic proteins while class II derived from extracellular proteins. Interacts simultaneously with the T-cell receptor (TCR) and the MHC class I proteins presented by antigen presenting cells (APCs)(UNIPROT).

The first European network

EuroMAbNet represents the first European network of laboratories linked to academic Institutions, each having an internationally recognized reputation in the production and use of monoclonal antibodies.

Exchange of knowledge

EuroMAbNet provide an arena in which people working in the field of monoclonal antibody production and technology can exchange knowledge, share the most up-to-date methodology and create common strategies to both standardize and improve the production of properly validated monoclonal antibodies.

Antibody validation article and guidelines

EuroMAbNet has recently published a position paper, and Ab validation guidelines providing criteria and recommendations aimed at helping researchers to select the most effective mAbs from those available in the market, and the guidance needed to perform effective antibody validation.