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Nanobodies meeting 2023

Nanobodies meeting 2023, Institut Pasteur Paris, 18-20 September

This congress dedicated to nanobodies will allow the scientific community to meet and share the last advances in this fast growing scientific field

Do not miss this opportunity. Learn how to validate antibodies

The European antibody network's practical guide to finding and validating suitable Abs for research

Are you interested in learn how to validate your antibody?

EuroMAbNet has published an article and created easily followed "Guidelines" that provide a set of criteria and recommendations that will help you to select the most effective mAbs from those available in the market and provide the strategic guidance needed to perform any essential antibody validation.


The European Monoclonal Antibodies Network (EuroMAbNet) represents the first European network of laboratories linked to academic institutions each with an internationally recognized reputation in the production and use of validated antibodies. Formed in 2008 and now spanning eleven European countries, EuroMAbNet members possess a wealth of expertise in antibody technology.

These range from the:

The EuroMAbNet network also benefits from including three small-specialised companies (SCICONS, Sanovo Biotech, Vertebrate Antibodies) that promote strong links between academia and industry.


EuroMAbNet provides an arena for people working in the field of antibody production and technology to share knowledge but also up to date methodology.

This creates common strategies to:

  • Standardise and improve the production of properly validated monoclonal antibodies.
  • Identify and validate antibodies (including polyclonals) from other sources.


EuroMAbNet has published a position paper containing guidelines on antibody validation and use to help find reagents that are 'fit for purpose'. The paper provides the essential fundamental principles to enable researchers:

  • Select the most appropriate antibodies that are available either their laboratory or on the market.
  • To perform effective antibody validation.