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mAbs Against MOUSE Protein


STATUS:Antibody Validated
CONTACT INFORMATION:Monoclonal Antibodies Unit, Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas
TYPE:rat anti mouse
PROTEIN:mouse T-cell surface glycoprotein CD8 alpha chain
ANTIGEN USED:Transfected cells with pCMV6-MYC-DDK-mCD8a
FUSION PARTNER:NS1/Ag4-1 (NS1) cells
PREPARATION AND STORAGE:Aliquot and store at 4C. Do not freeze


Integral membrane glycoprotein that plays an essential role in the immune response and serves multiple functions in responses against both external and internal offenses. In T-cells, functions primarily as a coreceptor for MHC class I molecule:peptide complex. The antigens presented by class I peptides are derived from cytosolic proteins while class II derived from extracellular proteins. Interacts simultaneously with the T-cell receptor (TCR) and the MHC class I proteins presented by antigen presenting cells (APCs). In turn, recruits the Src kinase LCK to the vicinity of the TCR-CD3 complex. LCK then initiates different intracellular signaling pathways by phosphorylating various substrates ultimately leading to lymphokine production, motility, adhesion and activation of cytotoxic T-lymphocytes (CTLs). This mechanism enables CTLs to recognize and eliminate infected cells and tumor cells. In NK-cells, the presence of CD8A homodimers at the cell surface provides a survival mechanism allowing conjugation and lysis of multiple target cells. CD8A homodimer molecules also promote the survival and differentiation of activated lymphocytes into memory CD8 T-cells (obtained from Uniprot).


IHC Techniques
IHC Techniques Clone Dilution Antibody concentration Antigen retrieval method Visualization kit +/- control Protein localization Positivity in other species Protocol
Frozen tissue and cytospins
Paraffin tissue
Recommended Result obtained is satisfactory. The reagent can be use in this application
OTO94A 1:200 supernatant mouse spleen / membrane
Enlarge image
CD8a antibody (OTO94A) in HEK transfected cells.
Validation of OTO94A monoclonal antibody in transfected cells. Membrane staining on frozen cytospin preparations of transfected HEK293T-MYC-mCD8a cells using antibody OTO94A. Anti-myc antibody was used as positive control.
Enlarge image
OTO94A mAb staining in mouse lymphoid tissues.
WB Techniques
WB Techniques Clone Dilution Antibody concentration +/- control Expected MW Observed Mw Positivity in other species Protocol
Western Blotting
Recommended Result obtained is satisfactory. The reagent can be use in this application
OTO94A undiluted supernatant mouse thymus / 27kDa 27kDa Available
Enlarge image
Western Blotting of anti-mCD8a (OTO94A) using different cell extracts.
WB analysis of cell line samples and mouse thymus extract for mCD8a.

Lane 1 HEK-MYC-mCD8a transfected cells (10ug) (+)
Lane 2 HEK-DRB1 transfected cells (10ug) (-)
Lane 3 Mouse thymus extract (100ug) (+)
Lane 4 SUP-T1 human cell line (100ug) (-)
Lane 5 RBL-1-mCD8a transfected cells (10ug) (+)