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Giovanna Roncador

Name of the laboratory

CNIO: Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas
Monoclonal Antibodies Unit
Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas
Calle Melchor Fernández Almagro 3
28029 Madrid, Spain
34 912 246 900

Members of the laboratory

Members: Monoclonal Antibodies Unit
Unit Leader
Giovanna Roncador
Lorena Maestre
Ana Isabel Reyes García
Sherezade Jiménez
Álvaro García

Laboratory activity

Hybridoma technology for the production of monoclonal antibodies represents one of the most relevant methodological advances in biomedicine. The availability of monoclonal antibodies has significantly improved our knowledge about cell biology, opening new possibilities for basic and applied research. Its use in medicine has also improved the diagnostics, prevention and treatment of a large number of diseases.

The Monoclonal Antibodies (mAb) Unit provides CNIO Research Groups with the “à la carte”, generation of mAbs which can then be used as tools to characterise new pathways involved in cancer development. We are highly specialised in mouse and rat monoclonal antibodies production. The Unit also offers mAbs production in gene-inactivated mice, mAb characterisation and validation, medium-scale mAb production and a service of Mycoplasma testing for the cell culture facility.

Research activities

Mouse specific antibodies: During the latest years, genetic approaches have been extensively used at the CNIO for the functional analysis of genes directly implicated in the process of tumor transformation and progression. The study of mouse models has been hampered by the absence of reliable mouse-specific antibodies to be used on paraffin-embedded tissues. For this reason, and in collaboration with the CNIO Comparative Pathology Unit, we have tested and developed a panel of high quality mouse specific mAbs, able to detect their target molecules on paraffin mouse tissue sections by immunohistochemistry.

Rat mAb: Many protein targets relevant for signal transduction and disease are highly conserved between mice and humans, and can therefore be recognized as self-antigens by a mouse host. To overcome this problem, this year we have made available in our unit a new service of production of mAbs in rats. This will provide CNIO investigators with a powerful tool to study cell biology and cancer related processes in mouse models. The mAbs against mouse protein and produced in rat to date are directed against the following proteins: Beta-Gal, p15,p16,p21,p53, Hes-1and Nanog.

Techniques available

  • monoclonal antibody production in mice
  • polyclonal antibody production
  • cloning technique
  • antibody characterization
  • development of double and triple immunostaining techniques
  • mycoplasma testing
  • genetic immunization

Publications (2019-present)

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