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mAbs Against HUMAN Protein


STATUS:Antibody Validated
CONTACT INFORMATION:Monoclonal Antibodies Unit, Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas
TYPE:rat anti human
PROTEIN:Homeobox protein Nkx-2.3 (Homeobox protein NK-2 homolog C)
ANTIGEN USED:hNKX-2.3-GST recombinant protein
FUSION PARTNER:NS1/Ag4-1 (NS1) cells
PREPARATION AND STORAGE:Aliquot and store at 4C. Do not freeze


This gene encodes a homeodomain-containing transcription factor. The encoded protein is a member of the NKX family of homeodomain transcription factors. Studies of similar proteins in mouse and rat have indicated a potential role in cellular differentiation.[provided by RefSeq, Mar 2010]


Homeobox NKX2-3 promotes marginal-zone lymphomagenesis by activating B-cell receptor signalling and shaping lymphocyte dynamics. Eloy F. Robles, Maria Mena-Varas, Laura Barrio, Sara V. Merino-Cortes, Péter Balogh, Ming-Qing Du, Takashi Akasaka, Anton Parker, Sergio Roa, Carlos Panizo, Idoia Martin-Guerrero, Reiner Siebert, Victor Segura, Xabier Agirre, Laura Macri-Pellizeri, Beatriz Aldaz, Amaia Vilas-Zornoza, Shaowei Zhang, Sarah Moody, Maria Jose Calasanz, Thomas Tousseyn, Cyril Broccardo, Pierre Brousset, Elena Campos-Sanchez, Cesar Cobaleda, Isidro Sanchez-Garcia, Jose Luis Fernandez-Luna, Ricardo Garcia-Muñoz, Esther Pena, Beatriz Bellosillo, Antonio Salar, Maria Joao Baptista, Jesús Maria Hernandez-Rivas, Marcos Gonzalez, Maria Jose Terol, Joan Climent, Antonio Ferrandez, Xavier Sagaert, Ari M. Melnick, Felipe Prosper, David G. Oscier, Yolanda R. Carrasco, Martin J. S. Dyer, and Jose A. Martinez-Climent.
Nat Commun. 2016; 7.


IHC Techniques
IHC Techniques Clone Dilution Antibody concentration Antigen retrieval method Visualization kit +/- control Protein localization Positivity in other species Protocol
Frozen tissue and cytospins
Paraffin tissue
Recommended Result obtained is satisfactory. The reagent can be use in this application
5GAL454C 1:10 supernatant Tris-EDTA Novolink Spleen / nuclear Available
Enlarge image
Cytospin slides of transfected HEK cells.
The transfected HEK cell line with NKX2.3 showed specific labelling with 5GAL454C antibody. HEK-LILRB3 transfected cells were used as negative control. Anti-myc antibody was used as positive control.
Enlarge image
Immunostaining of 5GAL454C antibody on human paraffin tissues.
WB Techniques
WB Techniques Clone Dilution Antibody concentration +/- control Expected MW Observed Mw Positivity in other species Protocol
Western Blotting
Recommended Result obtained is satisfactory. The reagent can be use in this application
5GAL454C Neat supernatant Human spleen / 38kDa 38kDa Available
Enlarge image
WB of 5GAL454C mAb in human cell lines.
Lane 1 HEK-NKX2.3-MYC transfected cells (+)
Lane 2 HEK-NKX2.2-MYC transfected cells (-)
Lane 3 Human spleen (+)
Lane 4 Human spleen (+)
Lane 5 Human K1718 splenic lymphoma cell line (-)

Anti-Vinculin was used as a loading control.