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mAbs Against MOUSE Protein


STATUS:Antibody Validated
CONTACT INFORMATION:Monoclonal Antibodies Unit, Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas
TYPE:rat anti mouse
PROTEIN:Mouse cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 2B (p15, inhibits CDK4) (Cdkn2b)
ANTIGEN USED:HIS-GST-mp15 recombinant protein
FUSION PARTNER:myeloma p3-NS1/Ag4-1 (NS1) cells
PREPARATION AND STORAGE:Aliquot and store at 4C. Do not freeze


This gene lies adjacent to the tumor suppressor gene CDKN2A in a region that is frequently mutated and deleted in a wide variety of tumors. This gene encodes a cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor, also known as p15Ink4b protein, which forms a complex with CDK4 or CDK6, and prevents the activation of the CDK kinases by cyclin D, thus the encoded protein functions as a cell growth regulator that inhibits cell cycle G1 progression.


Muñoz-Espín D, Cañamero M, Maraver A, Gómez-López G, Contreras J, Murillo-Cuesta S, Rodríguez-Baeza A, Varela-Nieto I, Ruberte J, Collado M, Serrano M. Programmed cell senescence during mammalian embryonic development. Cell. 2013 Nov 21;155(5):1104-18.


IHC Techniques
IHC Techniques Clone Dilution Antibody concentration Antigen retrieval method Visualization kit +/- control Protein localization Positivity in other species Protocol
Frozen tissue and cytospins
Paraffin tissue
Recommended Result obtained is satisfactory. The reagent can be use in this application
PAT56B 1:2 supernatant mouse fibrosarcoma / nuclear
Enlarge image
mp15 antibody (PAT56B) in transfected cells
Nuclear and cytoplasmic staining of PAT56B mAb in transfected HEK293-V5-mp15 cells. No reactivity with mp16 was found. Anti-V5 was used as a positive control.
Enlarge image
PAT56B antibody in mouse paraffin tissues.
WB Techniques
WB Techniques Clone Dilution Antibody concentration +/- control Expected MW Observed Mw Positivity in other species Protocol
Western Blotting
Recommended Result obtained is satisfactory. The reagent can be use in this application
PAT56B Neat supernatant supernatant / 14kDa 14kDa Available
Enlarge image
Western Blott of PAT56B antibody in mouse and human extracts
Lane 1 Hek-V5-p15 (30цg) (+)
Lane 2 Hek-v5-p16 (30цg) (-)
Lane 3 Hela cell line (30цg) (-)
Lane 4 NIH/3T3 cell line (100цg) (-)
Lane 5 COLO cell line (100цg) (-)
Lane 6 Mefs (100цg) (+)
Lane 7 Mefs (100цg) (+)
Lane 8 Mefs (100цg) (-)
Lane 9 Ramos cell line (100цg) (-)

Anti-Tubulin was used as loading control.