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Sophia Karagiannis

Name of the laboratory

Professor of Translational Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy
St. John's Institute of Dermatology
School of Basic & Medical Biosciences
King's College London, UK

Research Group Members

Members: St. John's Institute of Dermatology
Dr. Sophia Karagiannis
Dr Rebecca Adams (Clinical Research Fellow, PhD student & Dermatology Registrar)
Dr Heather Bax (Postdoctoral Research Fellow)
Ms Lucy Booth (MRC PhD student)
Mr Jitesh Chauhan (Research Assistant & PhD student)
Dr Alicia Chenoweth (BCN Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Dr Anthony Cheung (BCN Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Dr Silvia Crescioli (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Benjamina Esapa (BBSRC PhD student)
Dr Melanie Grandits (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Mr Roman Laddach (NHIR/BRC PhD student)
Ms Alexandra McCraw (MRC iCASE PhD student)
Mr Gabriel Osborn (MRC PhD student)
Dr Lais C G F Palhares (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Mr Pablo Romero-Clavijo (Cancer Research UK PhD Student)
Dr Zena Willsmore (Cancer Research UK Clinical Fellow, PhD Student & Dermatology Registrar)

Summary of research

Our main research interests centre on designing antibody therapies for solid tumours such as melanoma, ovarian and breast carcinomas. Our antibody discovery pathway is informed through dissecting the B cell and antibody humoral immune responses to solid tumours as well as investigating the tumour-targeting mechanisms of IgE class antibodies and Th2 responses in cancer. Patient-derived antibodies and B cell responses are examined as potential biomarkers, with a view of developing stratified medicine approaches and patient-focused treatments. We are presently developing a pipeline of antibodies and our first-in-class agent has completed a Phase I clinical trial.

Research activities

Our laboratory’s activities are focused on the discovery and evaluation of monoclonal antibodies for clinically-challenging solid tumours such as melanoma, ovarian and breast carcinomas and on dissecting immune responses to cancer with particular focus on B cells and the antibodies they produce. Major research streams in our laboratory include: a) dissecting humoral responses and mechanisms of Th2-biased inflammation in tumours; b) interrogating patient humoral responses as potential biomarkers to aid stratification and with a view of developing patient-focused treatments; c) designing antibodies with potent effector functions and the interactions of antibodies with immune cells such as monocytes/macrophages, NK cells and basophils; d) elucidating antibody mechanisms of action in disease-relevant models.

Part of our research focuses on the nature and functions of B cells and antibodies in tumour immunity, particularly on tumour-resident and tumour-reactive B cell subsets and on antibody expression in tissues and the circulation. We have placed particular emphasis on antibody subclasses with immunosuppressive functions such as IgG4 which may suppress effector cell functions and block cytotoxic antibodies from eradicating cancer. We have demonstrated that antibodies produced in patients with melanoma can recognize and attack tumour cells. Despite producing antibodies recognising tumour cells, patients’ immune systems are mostly ineffective in restricting cancer growth. We have also shown that the tissue environment in tumours provides specific conditions, including production of cytokines like IL-10, which favour expression of IgG4 antibodies, resulting in antibody-mediated immune responses with reduced potency. We furthermore study patient-derived antibodies and B cell responses as potential biomarkers with a view of predicting clinical outcomes and developing patient-focused treatments.

Another key area of research relates to evaluating the impact of antibody class on the therapeutic efficacy of tumour antigen-specific antibodies. We are conducting studies directly comparing the efficacy and mechanisms of action of two different classes of antibodies, IgG and IgE. Our research suggests that compared to IgG, aspects of IgE biology are potentially suited to cancer therapy, including a higher binding affinity for Fc receptors, and the ability to activate different populations of potent effector cells normally present in tumour tissues to kill tumour cells. Our studies provide an insight into the diversity of mechanisms different classes of antibodies employ to activate immune effector cells such as monocytes/macrophages to target and kill tumours. Our most advanced agent, MOv18 IgE, recognising the α isoform of Folate Receptor, a tumour-associated antigen expressed almost exclusively in tissue cancers such as those of the ovary and subsets of breast cancers, has completed clinical testing. We continue to perform safety, efficacy, potency and mechanistic studies on this agent and we are developing a pipeline of IgE immunotherapeutic agents directed at cancer-associated antigens.

To interrogate antibody potency and mechanisms of action in recruiting, re-educating and activating human effector cell subsets against a range of target antigens, we are developing disease-relevant models featuring engraftment of different components of human immunity. Working with collaborating laboratories and biotechnology partners, we are developing novel antibody glyco-engineering approaches, antibody-drug conjugates, antibodies for further development in imaging studies and for cancer therapy, with the aim of expediting promising therapies and diagnostic tools from the laboratory bench to the patient bedside.

Grant support

Our research has been supported through project and programme grants by the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR), Cancer Research UK and the CR UK New Agents Committee, Breast Cancer Now, the British Skin Foundation, Innovate UK, the Academy of Medical Sciences, the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), and the Medical Research Council.

Publications (2019-present)

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