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Pablo Engel

Name of the laboratory

UB: University of Barcelona
Immunology Unit
Department of Biomedical Sciences
Faculty of Medicine and Medical Sciences, University of Barcelona
08036 Barcelona, Spain
34 932 275 400 (ext.: 4010, 4011)

Members of the laboratory

Head of the Unit
Pablo Engel
Ph.D. Student
Joan Puñet-Ortiz
Ph.D. Student
Manuel Saez-Moya
Ph.D. Student
Adriana Lázaro Domínguez

Laboratory activity

The Immunology Unit at the University of Barcelona has focused it's studies on leukocyte cell-surface molecules. Monoclonal antibodies are essential tools for determining the expression and function of these molecules. Monoclonal antibodies produced in our Unit during the last 15 years have been used for research.

Dr. Engel is the President of HCDM (Human Cell Differentiation Molecules). He is the chair of the nomenclature and standardization committees for CD molecules and leukocytes of IUIS (International Union of Immunological Societies) and Secretary General of EFIS (European Federation of Immunological Societies).

Research activities

Characterization of the expression and function of the SLAM (Signaling Lymphocyte-Activation Molecule) family members: Our team has produced several antibodies against the human and mouse cell-surface molecules of the SLAM family including CD84, CD150 (SLAM), CD229 (Ly9), CD244 (2B4), SLAMF6 and SLAMF7. These reagents have been essential in establishing the expression and various functions of this new family of immunoreceptors.

Production and characterization of antibodies against P-selectin and CD69 using KO-mice: We have generated a large panel of monoclonal antibodies against the adhesion molecule P-selectin and CD69. These antibodies have been generated using knock-out KO-mice. A unique characteristic of these antibodies is that they are able to recognize epitopes preserved across multiple species. These antibodies have been used by a large group of collaborators to study the function of P-selectin and CD69 in vitro and in vivo in different animal model of disease.

Other antibodies: Antibodies against other cell-surface molecules recently produced in our lab include TNF receptor 2, human Syndecan-2, mouse GITRL, rat CD38. and several CMV proteins.

Production of antibodies against other cell-surface molecules: We are currently engaged in the production of antibodies that identify new markers for the diagnosis and treatment leukaemia and lymphoma.

Techniques available

  • monoclonal antibody production in mice
  • monoclonal antibody production in hamsters
  • antibody characterization
  • multi-colour flow cytometry
  • immunization with transfected cells

Publications (2016-present)

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