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Events 11th EuroMabNet Meeting (online version)


17th and 18th of September 2021. One full day on Friday plus half day on Saturday.



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Preliminary Programme

Download programme in PDF format (190 KB)


  • CHAIR: Giovanna Roncador

  • Opening and welcome remarks

  • Invited speaker

  • Sophia Karagiannis Translational Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy, St. John’s Institute of Dermatology School of Basic & Medical Biosciences, King's College, UK

    IgE class antibodies for cancer immunotherapy

  • Armand Bensussan Immunology, Dermatologie & Oncology, INSERUM, France

    Targeting KIR3DL2/CD158k on Sézay CD4+ T lymphocytes: From bench to bedside

  • Selected student short talk. Speaker to be announced Affiliation

    Title to be disclosed upon grading of submitted abstracts

  • Coffee break

  • CHAIR: Sophia Karagiannis

  • Jose Ignacio Rodriguez Barbosa Laboratory of Transplantation Immunobiology, University of Leon, Spain

    Therapeutic blockade of LIGHT (TNFSF14) interaction with HVEM and LTßR attenuates invivo cytotoxic allogeneic responses

  • Prof. Friedrich Koch-Nolte University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany

    Nanobody transgenic mice

  • Selected student short talk. Speaker to be announced Affiliation

    Title to be disclosed upon grading of submitted abstracts


  • CHAIR: Vanda Juranić

  • Aurelija Zvirbliene Department of Immunology and Cell Biology Institute of Biotechnology, Vilnius, Lithuania

    The activities of Vilnius University group, a new member of the EuroMabNet

  • Robero Perris Director & Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Parma University

    A Reversed immunoglycomics platform for generating therapeutic antibodies against gly- canation variants of cancer-specific antigens

  • Juan Anguita Inflammation and Macrophage Plasticity Lab & Animal Facility, Biogune, Bilbao, Spain

    Development of Point-Of-Care Diagnostic tools

  • Sponsor talk. Gregor Jainta PEPperPRINT GmbH, HeidelBerg, Germany

    Epitope Mapping and Characterization on Custom Peptide Microarrays

  • Sponsor talk. Bio-Techne

  • Coffee break

  • CHAIR: Berislav Lisnic

  • Ilse Hofmann GPCF Unit Antibodies, German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg, Germany

    Success stories from the DKFZ core facility unit antibodies: IHC-compatible antibodies used in diagnostics

  • Alnabulsi Ayham Cofounder & CEO of Vertebrate Antibodies Ltd

    B-cell epitope mapping and antigenicity profiling software

  • Jakub Z. Kaczmarek SANOVO BIOTECH A/S

    Title to be announced

  • 'El Alaoui Saïd Covalab

    CovIsoLink, a new enzymatic conjugation for the development of innovative AntibodyDrug Conjugates (ADC) (not confirmed)


  • CHAIR: Pierre Martineau

  • Gabriel Ayme Antibody engineering Platform, Institut Pasteur, France

    Coronabodies : nanobodies directed against the different variants of SARS-CoV-2 proteins

  • Tristan Mangeat Functional screening and targeting in cancer, IRCM INSERM, France

    Selection of environment-modulable antibodies to optimize specificity-toxicity balance of therapeutic antibodies

  • Steve Schoonooghe (VIB) VIB Nanobody Core, VUB - Cellular and Molecular Immunology

    Nanobody-based serum half-life extension of therapeutics

  • Sponsor talk. ChromoTek

  • Coffee break

  • CHAIR: Pierre Lafaye

  • Giovanna Roncador and Pablo Engel CNIO and University of Barcelona

    Title to be confirmed

  • Ludmila Mechetina Laboratory of Immunogenetics, Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Russia

    Nanobodies as potential agents for the generation of HIV-1 broadly neutralizing antibody response

  • José A. Garcia Sanz and Leonor Kremer CIB-CSIC and CNB-CSIC Protein Tools Unit, Madrid, Spain

    Therapeutic potential of 92R mAb on human CCR9+ leukemias in orthotopic xenografts