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Armand Bensussan

Name of the laboratory

Immunology, Dermatologie & Oncology
Hôpital Saint Louis
Equerre Bazin
1 Avenue Claude Vellefaux
75475 Paris cedex 10, France
33 153 722 081

Members of the laboratory

Members: Immunology, Dermatologie and Oncology
Head of the Unit
Martine Bagot
Anne Marie-Cardine
Céleste Lebbé
Nicole Basset-Seguin
Vincent Descamps
Sébastien Jauliac
Caroline Ram-Wolff
Ph.D. Students
Adèle De Masson
Charlotte Hurabielle
Valérie Dessirier
Jocelyne André
Gabrielle Larcheron
Frédéric Guaddachi
Valérie Schiavon

Laboratory activity

Our laboratory is located at Saint Louis Hospital in Paris. We are working on the identification of new targets for the diagnosis and the therapy of skin diseases. Monoclonal antibodies are essential tools for determining the identification of these molecules. Dr. Armand Bensussan is the president of the French Association of Immunology, he is a member of the International HCDM (Human Cell Differentiation Molecules) Council.

Research activities

1. Physiopathology of Cutaneous T cell Lymphoma & Receptors of Innate Immunity

2. Oncogenesis of Melanoma

3. Epithelial pathophysiology, stem cells & tissue repair

Techniques available

  • Monoclonal antibody production in mice
  • Antibodies characterization
  • Multi-colour flow cytometry
  • Immunization with transfected cells

Publications (2016-present)

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Patents (2013-present)

  • 2016 Invariant FoxP3+ regulatory T cells and therapeutic uses thereof, US patent, 5 august 2016
  • 2016 Ex vivo generation of γδ FoxP3+ regulatory T cells and therapeutic uses thereof, US patent, 5 august 2016
  • 2016 Ex vivo generation of MHC II restricted CD4+ FoxP3+ regulatory T cells and therapeutic uses thereof, US patent, 5 august 2016
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  • 2013 IL-17 antagonist antibodies. EP 13731758.2, 25 june, 2013 Licensed to OREGA Biotech

Biotechnology company

  • 2010/- OREGA-Biotech, 69000 Ecully, France
  • 2017/- Alderaan Biotechnology, 75005 Paris