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Alexander Taranin

Name of the laboratory

Laboratory of Immunogenetics
Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Lavrentiev Avenue 8/2, 630090 Novosibirsk, Russia

Members of the laboratory

Alexander Taranin
Research Fellows
Konstantin Baranov
Nikolai Chikaev
Sergey Guselnikov
Sergey Kulemzin
Ludmila Mechetina
Alexander Najakshin
Evdokiya Reshetnikova
Olga Volkova
Anna Maerova
Zoya Chernishova
Antonina Starikovskaya

Research activities

The Laboratory of Immunogenetics is one of the research groups that have discovered a new family of immunoreceptors , Fc Receptor Like (FCRL) molecules. We have produced mouse monoclonal and rabbit polyclonal antibodies against human FCRLA, FCRL1, FCRL4 and FCRL6 and polyclonal antibodies against mouse FCRLA. Using obtained antibodies we characterized structure and expression of these molecules in detail. We have also generated monoclonal antibodies against human SLAMF9, the least studied member of the SLAM family. Evolution of paired receptors of FcR, KIR and CD2 families is also under our study. Recently we have started production of llama VHH antibodies against therapeutically important human molecules.

Techniques available

Publications (2014-present)