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Fabio Malavasi

Name of the laboratory

Laboratory of Immunogenetics
Dept of Genetics, Biology and Biochemistry
University of Torino Medical School
Via Santena, 19
10126 Torino

Members of the laboratory

Members: Laboratory of Immunogenetics
Unit Leader
Alberto Horenstein
Erika Ortolan
Tiziana Vaisitti
Ph.D. Student
Paola Bovino
Nicola Lo Buono
Giulia Nacci
Mariama Elbaroudi
Rossella Parrotta
Gianluca Zaccarello
Visiting Scientist
Alona Inzhutova
Semra Aydin
Rodica Markus
Francesca Cottino
Katiuscia Gizzi

Techniques available

  • Production of murine monoclonal antibodies
  • Production polyclonal antibodies
  • Production of human monoclonal antibodies
  • Purification of mAbs at a clinical grade

Publications (2016-present)

  • F. Morandi, D. Marimpietri, A. L. Horenstein, M. Bolzoni, D. Toscani, F. Costa, B. Castella, A. C. Faini, M. Massaia, V. Pistoia,N. Giuliani, and F. Malavasi. Microvesicles released from multiple myeloma cells are equipped with ectoenzymes belonging to canonical and non-canonical adenosinergic pathways and produce adenosine from ATP and NADC. OncoImmunology (2018, in press) (I.F. 7.719)
  • A. Chong, F. Malavasi, S. Israel, C. Chuen Khor, V. Bing Yap, M. Monakhov, S. Hong Chew, P. San Lai and R. P. Ebstein. ADP ribosyl-cyclases (CD38/CD157), social skills and friendship. Psychoneuroendocrinology 78: 185-192, 2017 (I.F. 4.704)
  • A. Chillemi, V. Quarona, L. Antonioli, D. Ferrari, A.L. Horenstein and F. Malavasi. Roles and modalities of ectonucleotidase in remodeling the multiple myeloma niche. Frontiers in Immunology 8: 305, 2017 (I.F. 5.695)
  • A.L. Horenstein, V. Quarona, F. Morandi, A. Chillemi and F. Malavasi. Adenosine in the bone marrow myeloma niche: immune checkpoint and key player in the progression of myeloma disease. Journal of Cell Signaling (2017, in press)
  • G. Mesiano, R. Zini, G. Montagner, N. Bianchi, R. Manfredini, A. Chillemi, M. Aglietta, G. Grignani, I. Lampronti, E. Fiorino, F. Malavasi, D. Sangiolo, R. Gambari and D. Ferrari. Analytic and dynamic secretory profile of patient-derived cytokine-induced killer cells. Molecular Medicine 9;23, 2017 (I.F. 3.530)
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  • I. Schiavoni, C. Scagnolari, A.L. Horenstein, P. Leone, A. Pierangeli, F. Malavasi, C. Ausiello and G. Fedele. CD38 modulates respiratory syncytial virus-driven pro-inflammatory processes in human monocyte-derived dendritic cells. Immunology (2017, in press) (I.F. 3.701)
  • W. Fumey, J. Koenigsdorf, V. Kunick, S. Menzel, K. Schütze, M. Unger, L. Schriewer, F. Haag, G. Adam, A. Oberle, M. Binder, R. Fliegert, A. Guse, YJ Zhao, H. Cheung Lee, F. Malavasi, F. Goldbaum, R. van Hegelsom, C. Stortelers, P. Bannas, F. Koch-Nolte. Nanobodies effectively modulate the enzymatic activity of CD38 and allow specific imaging of CD38+ tumors in mouse models in vivo. Scientific Report 7(1):14289, 2017
  • Marshall D., Chillemi A., Malavasi F. and Prudent J. Precision Targeting of Ion Channel Blocker for the Treatment of AML. Blood 130: 5203, 2017 (I.F. 13.164)
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